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The Luciana Vega doll.

The Luciana Vega doll was released in 2018 and will be available until retirement. She is considered the Girl of the Year for 2018.


  • Face Mold: Josefina Mold
  • Skin: Medium
  • Hair: Dark Brown, straight, long left sideswept bangs, right part, mid-back length
There is a permanently attached bright purple streak on the right side of her hair. The hair is layered so it may not always be directly visible.
  • Eyes: Brown

Meet Outfit

Luciana doll with Luciana.


Knee length knit galaxy print dress. Slightly open round bound neckline. Cap sleeves. Flared half-circle skirt. Print of "galaxy" print with pink base, and swirls of purple and darker pink clouds with white stars scattered. Velcros up the back. American Girl plastic tag on lower left front hem of skirt.


Silver holograph vinyl strip choker. Closes with silver AG "heart"-closure clasp.


Black slide-knot cord necklace with red star bead.

Pouch Belt

Red faux-leather belt with silver closing buckle. Attached red leather rectangular pouch that closes with Velcro on flap. Velcro closure under buckle.


Silver holograph vinyl ankle boots. Black laces. Black plastic soles with crosses and ridging. White stitching, White lining.


Pink knit panties. White elastic edging.

Dress Like Your Doll

The Galaxy Dress.

The Galaxy Dress for children (belt included) was available for a cost of $48.


  • Luciana was the first Girl of the Year to be released with the new eye style that debuted with Nanea in 2017. American Girl then reverted to the classic eye design. Starting in 2019, later waves of production featured Luciana with the classic eyes. Luciana dolls with the new style could be sent in for a free eye exchange in 2019.

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