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Luciana Vega is the sixteenth Girl of the Year released by American Girl. She was released in 2018.


Luciana (nicknamed Luci) is of Chilean descent. She aspires to be the first person to explore Mars, and refers to herself as the "Future First Girl on Mars."

She is very confident in herself and can be impulsive in a lot of her decisions, such as adding a purple streak in her hair to match her best friend Raelyn's and leading the Red Rovers to break the rules in an attempt to find their missing motor module. However, she can sometimes doubt herself due to her plans failing, and often worries about being a good leader and a good older sister. She sometimes has trouble paying attention to other people's feelings and tends to listen more with her head than her heart.

Luci is incredibly creative, sometimes considering herself to be too creative. She loves sketching her ideas. She is also incredibly determined and quite smart, as seen in her taking part in the essay contest to get into Space Camp for several years before finally winning with a paper on space rocks, which she has an interest in. She is shown to never give up until she completes her goal. However, she can sometimes get a lot of anxiety and go into "panic mode", where she feels like she's dying and has trouble breathing. Her teammate, Claire Jacobs, taught her a good way to deal with them, where she starts focusing on what she can sense in the moment. Luciana is bilingual, and can speak both English and Spanish fluently.

One of Luciana's prized possessions is her star necklace, which was given to her on her first birthday. She only wears it for special occasions. At the end of Space Camp, she bought a similar necklace--a moon-shaped one instead of a star-shaped--to give as a gift to her adopted sister, Isadora. Even before Isadora was adopted, Luci became very attached to her, often worrying about being an older sister and fantasizing about spending time with her. She calls her hermanita and has nicknamed her "Izzy," while Isadora calls her "Lulu." She is very protective of her and worries a lot about her when she has surgery. Luci loves the rest of her family, even though she sometimes feels left out of it due to the fact that she lives in America and they live in Chile, meaning that she can't spend a lot of time with them. She has fifteen total cousins.

Family and Friends


  • Mr. Vega: Luciana's father, a math teacher.
  • Ms. Vega: Luciana's mother, a nurse.
  • Isadora: Luciana's adopted baby sister.
  • Abuelita: Luciana's maternal grandmother.
  • Julieta, Elena, Hugo and Bastian: Luciana's cousins who are close in age to her.


  • Raelyn: Luciana's best friend, who is used to her impulsive ideas.
  • Ella Emerick: Luciana's fellow Red Rover teammate, who is used to being in charge.
  • Meg Emerick: Ella's little sister and Luci's Red Rover teammate.
  • Charlotte: Ella's cousin and Luci's Red Rover teammate.
  • Johanna: Luciana's fellow Red Rover teammate who is from Germany and is an aspiring engineer.
  • Claire Jacobs: Luciana's partner in the Cetus program.
  • Thomas Dowdy: Luciana's teammate in the Cetus program.



See: Luciana Vega (doll)

The Luciana Vega doll.


See: Luciana's Collection


  • As of 2021, Luciana is the longest available and advertised Girl of the Year, debuting in 2018 and remaining available since (though by 2021 all that remained available for purchase was the doll and books).

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  1. American Girl's Facebook page; Luciana was born in 2006! Her birthday is this month on May 15! Accessed May 11, 2018

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