Luciana's Telescope Projector Set

Luciana's Telescope Projector Set is part of Luciana's Collection. It was released in 2018 and retired in 2020. The retail cost was $40.


Purple plastic telescope with black viewfinder and lens. Blue star heart on left side. Screws open up battery compartment. Telescope projects five different images- a moon, the International Space Station (ISS) with Mars in the background, a silhouette of the ISS with the moon, and two star slides.


Silver and black plastic tripod. Top of tripod has notch that holds telescope. Legs can fold down or extend out.


Reversible blanket. Front side of blanket has pink, blue, and purple constellation pattern. Reverse side is solid purple with diamond-shaped "stars" in dark blue, white, and light blue.


White plastic faux smartphone. Back of phone pops out to hold screens.

Smartphone Case

Clear plastic smartphone case with handle on back. Case has silver sparkles throughout it.

Smartphone Screens

Two of the card sides for Luciana's smartphone.

Two cardboard smartphone screens. Each is reversible. One side has a home screen with a metallic purple background image. Another side has a star map for Pegasus. The other two sides have an information page on the International Space Station and a NASA global view of Mars.


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