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This article is about the BeForever version. For the 2022 abridged version, see Samantha: Lost and Found.

Lost and Found: A Samantha Classic Volume 2 is a bound book of the last three books of Samantha's Central Series.

Stories Included[]

Changes and Added Transitions[]

  • Samantha Saves The Day, Chapter One: Piney Point (now Chapter Six) contains a small sentence explaining that Samantha is at Piney Point some weeks later.
  • Agnes's worried statement that the Admiral might be dead is moved to the end of Chapter Eight instead of at the start of Chapter Nine.
  • Samantha Saves The Day, Chapter Four: Through the Passage (now Chapter Nine) has text following the original text explaining several things. Samantha and Grandmary return to Teardrop Island during the summer and make new memories together. When Admiral Beemis asks Grandmary to marry him, she finally says yes. They are married in New York City and then sail away on honeymoon.
  • Changes for Samantha, Chapter One: A New Home (now Chapter Ten) has text before the original text explaining several things. Samantha is staying in New York City with Gardner and Cornelia while Grandmary is on honeymoon, and thus has transferred to a new school where she has made new friends. Nellie and her family remain in Mount Bedford, and at the start Samantha has written a long letter to Nellie and sent it three weeks ago, but there has been no reply and she hopes there is one today.
  • Changes for Samantha, Chapter Four: Runaways! (now Chapter Thirteen) is renamed "In the Alley."

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