This is a list of specifically named locations in the Samantha series and film; Nellie O'Malley is included.

Coldrock House

An orphanage for girls located in New York City. Nellie, Jenny, and Bridget are sent there after the death of their parents (their father in the film).

Colored Part of Town (Mount Bedford)

The area of Mount Bedford where the colored people, including Jessie and her husband Lincoln, live. It is on the other side of the railroad tracks from the upper class area. The streets are dark and narrow with drab, narrow, and dark houses with little grass. Nellie was once sent there to fetch medicine for Mrs. Ryland and so knew its location.

Clark School

A boarding school in Boston on Beacon Street. Miss Brennan attended there at about Nellie's age and trained to be a teacher. The school takes in Irish girls who want to become more than maids and factory workers.

Fifth Avenue

(5th Avenue)

The biggest, busiest street in New York City.

Gramercy Park

A small, fenced in private park

Lessing's Boys School

A private boys only school in Mount Bedford.

Madison Square Park

A 6.2 acre public park located in New York City in Manhattan; bounded on the east by Madison Avenue, on the south by 23rd Street, on the north by 26th Street, and on the west by Fifth Avenue and Broadway as they cross. A suffrage rally is being held there as Samantha and Grandmary come to visit in Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Miss Crampton's Academy for Girls

The private school Samantha attends, a girls' only academy.

In the book series it is located in Mount Bedford and a well-to-do private girls' academy, with a yard and benches for students to have lunch at on fine days.

In the movie, it is located in New York City and requires the girls all wear uniforms of dark plaid dresses with dark blue neckties, black shoes and stockings, white pinafores, and boater hats.

Mount Bedford

Mount Bedford is a small, fictional town located on the Hudson river. It is based on the real city Mount Kisco, NY which is about fifty miles north of New York City.

Notably, Bedford is a real, larger town nearby as well; until Mount Kisco became a town in its own right in 1978, it was half in the town of Bedford and half in the town of New Castle. It is quite possible that the fictional city was named after both locations.

Mount Bedford Home

The Mount Bedford home is where Samantha lives with Grandmary until Changes for Samantha.

Butlers' Pantry

A small utility room off the kitchen (by definition), and generally used by the servants such as Hawkins.

Carriage House

Storage house for the carriage.


Grandmary keeps writing supplies and a desk here. It is on the first floor near the parlor.


The kitchen is on the first floor, and where Mrs. Hawkins works (and, for Samantha, can always be found). Samantha thinks of the kitchen as a warm place full of the smells of Mrs. Hawkins' cooking.


The parlor is where Grandmary and Samantha have their daily sewing hour. It is also where guests come calling and visiting; it is near the front of the house and the front walk can be seen from it.

Samantha's Room

Samantha's room is on the second floor.

Sewing Room

The sewing room is on the third floor at the end of the hall, where Jessie works.


The tunnel is a hole in the lilac hedge between Samantha's home and the home of Eddie Ryland.

Tower Room

The tower room is at the very top of Samantha's house, above the attic up a steep set of stairs. It is a small room with windows in each wall and allows a view over a good part of Mount Bedford. This is where Samantha holds Mount Better School with Nellie.

Mount Bedford Opera House

The local opera house. It is used for many special events such as roller skating parties and concerts. A speaking contest is held here in Samantha Learns a Lesson by the Mount Bedford Ladies Club.

Mount Bedford Public Library

The library in Mount Bedford. Samantha suggests holding a talent show to raise money to help repair it in Samantha's Special Talent.

Mr. Carruthers' Candy Shop

A candy shop in Mount Bedford that Mr. Caruthers owns.

Mount Bedford Public School

The school Nellie, Jenny, and Bridget attend before their parents' deaths. Eddie Ryland also attends this school.

New York City Home

Cornelia and Gardner Edwards's home in New York City, a tall and narrow brownstone located in Manhattan across the street from Gramercy Park. Samantha later moves in with them.


A shop located near Madison Square Park in New York City, where Grandmary did her shopping every time she came to New York City.

Park (Mount Bedford)

A park in Mount Bedford (Illustrations name it Jackson Park). It has a lake and a bicycling path alongside the lake.

Piney Point

Grandmary's summer vacation home, located in the Adirondack Mountains.


The second floor of the log house, up narrow stairs.


Where Archibald Beemis stays on visits to Piney Point.

Cabin House

There is a large log-cabin style house.

Goose Lake

A large lake that looks like a goose from a vantage point. A large island makes up its "eye." The narrow "neck" contains large, sharp rocks, with more dangerous rocks underneath.

Rose Cottage

Where Gardner and Cornelia stay on visits to Piney Point.

Teardrop Island

A small island near the larger island of Goose Lake.

It was returning from this island when the boating accident that claimed Lydia and her husband's lives occurred, orphaning Samantha.

Wood-Tick Inn

A one-room cottage that Samantha, Agnes, and Agatha stay in on visits to Piney Point. It has three windows facing the lake, three beds, and wooden furniture.


A hotel in New York City, named for Horace Raven.

Ryland Home

Eddie Ryland and his mother Mrs. Ryland live next door to Grandmary and Samantha. They have a backyard with a bird bath and share the lilac hedge as a border with Grandmary's home.

S.S. Londonia

A steam liner that Samantha, Grandmary, and Admiral Beemis journey on from New York to Southampton, England during the events of Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure.

Schofield's Toy Store

A toy store in Mount Bedford. Samantha first sees a doll in the window in Meet Samantha, which she gives away to Nellie. In Samantha's Surprise, she sees another doll she later receives from Cornelia.

Settlement House

A large gray building near the East River in New York City. The person in charge is Miss Brennan. The settlement house is a place for new immigrants to learn skills for American life as well as share their cultures; it offers a variety of classes (such as dance, carpentry, art, and cooking) as well as a kindergarten for younger children. Nellie O'Malley used to go there frequently with her sisters and later takes Cornelia and Samantha with her.

Seventeenth Street

(17th Street)

A very big, busy and broad street in New York City. Nellie uses the street to make her way to the settlement house. It is described as a very crowded street of hundreds of people and clogged with pushcarts that Nellie has to push through to make her way to the settlement house.

Southampton, England

The docking destination of the S.S. Londonia in Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure.

Swimming Hole (Mount Bedford)

A location for swimming. The students in Miss Stevens' class are grateful for it as a place to learn how to swim, as Ruth Adams has a cousin who learns swimming by being suspended in the air by ropes.

Tyson's Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream parlor in New York City.

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