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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Nanea series.


The school Nanea attends. It is burned during the Pearl Harbor attack in Growing Up with Aloha, leaving a hole in the roof and damage in the library. The school is closed for a month and reopens in Hula for the Home Front, albeit with the upstairs roped off.

Oahu, Hawaii

An island in Hawaii that contains the capital, Honolulu. Nanea and her family live here.

Pearl Harbor

The shipyard where Nanea's father, Richard Mitchell, works the graveyard shift as a welder. After Pearl Harbor is attacked in Growing Up with Aloha, Richard and Nanea's brother, David Mitchell, stay there for a few days to help Army personnel.

Pono's Market

The store owned by Nanea's grandparents, Tutu and Tutu Kane.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel

A pink hotel where David works as a bellboy.

Waikiki Beach

A beach on Oahu that is home to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Nanea and her friends, Lilly Suda and Donna Hill, visit the beach multiple times throughout Growing Up with Aloha.