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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Molly series and film; Emily Bennett is included.

Camp Gowonagin[]

A girls' only summer camp attended by Molly, Susan, and Linda. It is the setting of Molly Saves the Day, Molly Marches On, and the time-travel portions of Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly. The location is unspecified, but it is possibly in Ohio. The camp motto is "Tidy and True." Uniforns consist of white tops with blue ties, red and white hats with the camp logo, and red shorts.

There are large brown tents on on the main path, as well as wide green fields with pine trees near a large lake.


The boathouse is located on the north edge of the Lake. The Blue Team sets their headquarters there.

Chocolate Drop Island[]

An island in the middle of the lake. The Red Team sets camp there with the flag to be captured. There is a beach on the northwest side leading to Chocolate Drop Hill; on the south end is Poison Point, a patch of the island covered in large patches of poison ivy. There is also a small cove hidden by tall pine trees and a high wall of rocky land, an inlet of water across a path, and a bushy area near the beach.

Dining Hall[]

The hall where meals are served.


The flagpole is where Miss Butternut blows her bugle to start the camp day. It is also where the Morning Flag Raising and Evening Flag Lowering ceremonies are held.

Tent Six[]

The tent that Molly, Linda, and Susan, along with five other girls, are assigned to in Molly Saves the Day and Molly Marches On.

Tent Ten[]

The tent that Molly, Linda, and Margaret are assigned to in Chances and Changes. Bobbie is also a resident.

Corner Drugstore[]

Hargate House[]

The Hargate house is within walking distance of Molly's house. The living room is visible from a large front window behind a bush, and there is a fireplace and a rug in the living room.

Jefferson Junior High School[]

The junior high school that Ricky attends.

Keller House[]

A house on Molly's block.

Koloski House[]

A house on Molly's block.

Leaming House[]

A house on Molly's block.

McIntire House[]

The Mcintire House is at 467 Oak Street, Jefferson, IL. There are seven houses on the block.



The cellar--or basement--has dark steep steps leading down and one light hanging from a bulb at the top of the stairs. The family stores their Christmas decorations in a Christmas closet in the cellar. Molly, Linda, and Susan make a hideaway there near James's workbench by setting up an card table with an old blanket over it to play "bomb shelter."

Dining Room[]

Before James McIntire left for the war, the family took meals at the dining room rather than the kitchen table.

Garage and Driveway[]

There is a basketball hoop over the garage doors and a storage room above the garage accessible via narrow stairs.

Jill's Bedroom[]


The kitchen is where the family takes their meals now that James is away serving in England, in part because Helen is often working late.

Living Room[]

There is a radio and an old plaid chair which James used to sit in as the family told him of their day. It still smells of vanilla and pipe smoke.

Molly's Bedroom[]

Her bedroom window looks out over the backdoor and driveway, and there is a window seat. There

Ricky's Bedroom[]

Victory Garden[]

Montgomery High School[]

The high school that Jill McIntire and Dolores attend.

Ruckstein House[]

A house on Molly's block.

Silvano House[]

A house on Molly's block.

Veteran's Hospital[]

A hospital in downtown Jefferson. The "Hurray for the USA" show is held there.

Willow Street School[]

The public school attended by Molly, Susan, and Linda. Miss Campbell teaches the third grade. Emily also attends this school in both Brave Emily and the movie.

In the movie, Principal Stevens is the principal; the name of the principal is not stated in the books.