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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Kit series.

Covington, Kentucky[]

A city located across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. An empty hospital in the town is being considered as a home for transients and unemployed (which Uncle Hendrick finds an outrage).

Frostbythe House[]

Hendrick Frosbythe lives in a tall, multistory, gloomy house alone near downtown Cincinnati (with the address 210 Chestnut Court). There is a fence around the front. He keeps the house dark and cold, outside of the room he stays in most of the time where he keeps a coal fire going in the stove and stays in the most comfortable chair.

When Kit must stay overnight on Christmas Eve, she is put in a room with brown wallpaper, a huge bed with a wooden headboard with carved gargoyles, and mustard-colored, musty sheets. Heavy curtains are across the window and a fireplace is present but unlit.

Hobo Jungle[]

The hobo campgrounds, called the hobo jungle, are located near Union Station next to the river underneath the trestle bridge in a grove of trees and low bushes. There are tumble-down shelters made of old boards, dirty tents, and many tired people around.

Among the people are a poor family with a man, woman, and three young children.

Kittredge Home[]

The home of the Kittredge family. They have owned the house since at least before Kit was born. It has two stories, a basement, an attic, and a backyard.


Kit is moved up to stay in the attic as her bedroom when her family takes in boarders and accessed through stairs leading up. It is long, narrow, and has a steeply pitched ceiling. Regular windows are at either end with dormer windows jutting out on the roof that make pointy-roofed alcoves that reach nearly to the floor and are as wide as Kit's height.

The attic is hot and stuffy initially; it smells of mothballs and gloomy due to dusty windows. Among the older stored-away items are Kit's older desk and chair from before her room remodel, a mattress and older bed, and boxes.

When Kit redecorates to make room for herself now, she cleans the windows, sweeps the floor, and pushes the boxes and other items to one end to use the other half as her room. She makes the following alcoves for herself on her side of the attic, using items in the attic:

  • Newspaper Offive Alcove: contains her desk and chair, a goose neck lamp, an old telephone, a camera, and her typewriter.
  • Baseball Alcove: contains a pinned up photo of Ernie Lombardi, her catcher's mitt, and old binoculars.
  • Reading Alcove: contains bookshelves made of boards, Kit's books, and a huge chair that is plumped with a pillow.
  • Tree House Alcove: contains Kit's bed made of an older mattress and bedframe with the pillow near a window, and potted plants around it. The nearby window has a tree outside.



The basement is where the laundry is done; the washing machine is kept down there.

Charlie's Room[]

Charlie has his own bedroom. When the Kittredges take in boarders, his room is occupied first by Mr. Peck, then later by the Bells.

Chicken Coop[]

After Aunt Millie brings home chickens (to lay eggs that will be sold), Jack builds the chicken coop behind the garage (in part because Margaret does not want it visible from the house).

Living Room[]

When Millie comes to stay breifly, she has the sewing machine moved into the living room to work and listen to the radio.


The garage becomes storage when more things need to be moved out for the boarders.

Guest Room[]

There are two beds in the room. Initially Louise Howard and Stirling Howard stay here when invited to live with the Kittredges. It is later rented by the two nurses, Miss Hart and Miss Finney.

Kit's Bedroom[]

Kit's bedroom; she initially had the room since she was a baby, until boarders are taken in.[1] In the summer of 1932, Margaret Kittredge redecorated the room to be more of a young girl's room: the walls are painted pink with white trim and contains a white and fluffy canopy bed, a dressing table with a lacy skirt, and a white spindly-legged desk with a poofy stool. Margaret had been very particular about the look and pleased with it, thinking it a girl's dream room. Kit does not care for the redecoration.

Once Louise Howard and Stirling are made boarders, they are moved into Kit's room while Kit moves to the attic and a roll-away cot is set up for Stirling to sleep on.


Sleeping Porch[]

The sleeping porch. Often people would sleep on the open air sleeping porch during hot weather in a time before air conditioning.

Charlie sleeps out here after his room is taken over (like Kit's) to house boarders; it is later boarded in to allow another boarder, and Mr. Peck boards with Charlie.


An open area near the house, close to the dining room enough that it can be overheard from through the windows. During garden club meetings Margaret sets up her best dishes, finest table linens, and most beautiful plants around it. She also entertains Hendrick here when he arrives for visits.

Tree House[]

Vegetable Garden[]

Millie makes a patch for a vegetable garden in the lawn next to the azaleas. Margaret does not want it there and thinks it would be better behind the garage, but the space in the lawn is nice flat land that gets plenty of sunshine.

Cincinnati Register Offices[]

Gates Elementary School[]

The school that Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling attend. Kit and Ruthie have known students who have fathers who lost jobs, as well as left school because they had to move away.


The nearby local hospital. The garden club ladies take turn weeding the flower bed here.

When Kit is injured in Kit's Home Run, Louise escorts her here to have her lip inspected. There is a hospitality shop located inside, run by Mr. Hoffstader.

Lewis Falls, Kentucky[]

A small town, likely named after the nearby Lewis Falls.

In Really Truly Ruthie, Ruthie and Charlie disembark the train here to walk to Mountain Hollow. There is also a local train station; it is run down, however.

In Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit, when the train Kit and "Lulu" board is stopped by railroad bulls, it is in this town. Unless the online options are chosen, the girls are either escorted to the jail where they are picked up by Kit's family or escape from the bulls and come across a general store in town where they earn their fair back. If train tickets are bought with two of their nickels (the other two going to a hungry boy), this is where the girls board to return to Cincinnati.

Mountain Hollow, Kentucky[]

A small, fictional area[2] located among the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Millie Morrison lives there, and Jack Kittredge grew up in the town. The town is full of two-room cabins scattered in hollows and among the hills, rather than closer houses, with neighbors far distances away. The air is full of the scent of pine, ferns, and leaves, which Kit calls "green". However there is no electricity, phones, radios, running water, or indoor toilets. A church is in the center of town as well as a local bank.

The Kittredge family takes a trip every Fourth of July. A coal mine was located in the town but shut down in late April 1933; this led to the shut down of the town's one-room schoolhouse, along with Millie losing her attached personal cabin. Most of the men left town for work and while some have construction jobs now, the women, children, and older people are left behind to work the farms and tend to animals.

A creek known as Troublesome Creek runs through the hollow.

Public Library[]

The local public library, in a huge building with books from floor to ceiling. Kit does not mind taking Uncle Hendrick's books back; it is hushed and to Kit, heavenly.

This may possibly be the "Old Main" Library, which was constructed in 1874 and eventually demolished in 1955 when it was replaced with a larger and more modern building.

Shillito's Restaurant[]

A fine restaurant downtown. The Smithens invite Kit and Margaret to have tea there on December 26th (as they usually did) but are turned down.

Soup Kitchen[]

A soup kitchen is located on River Street. Food for unemployed people and families can be eaten; clothing and shoes can also be donated as well.

Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling are sent here rather than attending the Thanksgiving pageant; this results in Kit seeing her father among the men in the bread line.

Smithens Home[]

Where Ruthie Smithens and her parents, Stan and Lily, live. It is across the street from the Kittredge home.


When Kit, Stirling, and Will are taken off a train for rail hopping, they are locked up in jail here.

There is a town called Spencerville in Ohio, but it is located north of Cincinnati, not across the river.

Union Station[]

The Cincinnati Union Terminal.


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