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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Kit series.

Hobo Camp

Hobo campgrounds.

Kittredge Home

Where the Kittredge family currently resides. It is established in Meet Kit that they owned the house for at least ten years.[1]


Attic. Kit moves her bedroom here when her family takes in boarders.

Kit's Bedroom

Kit's old bedroom. Louise Howard and Stirling Howard live here after becoming boarders.


Porch Bedroom

The porch is converted into sleeping quarters. Charles Kittredge sleeps out here.

Tree House

Cincinnati Register

Gates Elementary School

The school that Kit, Stirling, and Ruthie attend.

Mountain Hollow, Kentucky

Where Aunt Millie lives and Jack Kittredge grew up.[2] The Kittredge family takes a trip there every Fourth of July.

Soup Kitchen

A soup kitchen where food is donated.

Smithens Home

Where Ruthie Smithens and her family live. It is across the street from Kit.

Uncle Hendrick's House


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  2. Mountain Hollow is a fictional community. See here: Midnight In Lonesome Hollow Giveaway,, accessed Mar. 31, 2013.