This is a list of specifically named locations in the Kirsten Series.

Boarding House

Where the Larsons stay until they board the Redwing to go to Minnesota. Kirsten also reunites with Marta.


A large city in the Midwest. Kirsten and her family deboard the train here.

Larson Cabin

The Larson family home, a one-room cabin on the Larson farm.

Larson Farm

A farm owned by Olav Larson. Lisbeth Larson, Anna Larson, and Inger Larson live in a cabin nearby. Kirsten and her family first live with them before moving into their own cabin.

New York

A large city on the East Coast. The boat docks here once it arrives from Sweden. Kirsten gets lost briefly.

Powderkeg School

The school the Larson children attend. Miss Winston is the teacher when Kirsten starts.

Redwing Riverboat

A riverboat that takes the Larsons from Chicago Marta dies while on the boat of cholera.


A small settled town, the one closest to Kirsten's farm. The Larsons disembark The Redwing in this town. When Papa cannot afford a wagon to drive the trunks to the farm, they are stored in the warehouse here until they are picked up in Kirsten's Surprise.

Sioux Indian Village

Home to Singing Bird and the Ojibwe Tribe.

Stewart Home

The home where Mary Stewart and John Stewart live. When the Stewarts leave for Oregon, they sell the house to the Larsons.

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