This is a list of specifically named locations in the Julie series.

Alamo Square

A square in central San Francisco. It is famous for its row of Victorian houses known as the Painted Ladies. In The Tangled Web Carla Warner initially claims to he lives in an old Victorian house nearby, and Julie later visits.

Albright Apartment

The apartment that Julie, Tracy, and Joyce Albright live in. It is located above Gladrags. The apartment has a large front window that faces the front street. There is a no-pets rule, so she cannot have her pet rabbit Nutmeg with her.

Living Room

Julie's Room

Tracy's Room

Albright House

The old home that Julie, Tracy, and Joyce Albright used to live in prior to Joyce and Daniel Albright's divorce; Daniel still lives there, as well as Nutmeg.

Based on descriptions, this is likely located in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco near Chinatown.

Julie's Room

Angel Island

A state park located in the San Francisco Bay. Ivy's grandmother, Po Po, was processed at the Immigration Station before becoming an American citizen. Julie, Ivy, and Po Po visit the island in The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter.


A local bakery run by Mrs. Gibson in the new neighborhood. Cupcakes can be decorated in store.

Chinese School

Ivy and her brother Andrew attend Chinese school in a school located above Louie's Number One Bakery.

Chinatown YMCA

A local YMCA. Julie used to play basketball at the Chinatown Y before her parents' divorce. Ivy goes here for her gymnastics practices.

Conservatory of Flowers

A conservatory located in Golden Gate Park. Julie and Ivy visit in Julie and the Eagles, and see a rare mission blue butterfly and find a baby owl that they rescue. Mildred Woodacre works here.

Fairmont Hotel

A luxury hotel located in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco. Julie, Tracy, and Daniel take the cable car here to have tea here in Happy New Year, Julie!, meaning that the cable car used would be the California Street line located next to the hotel.

Fisherman's Wharf

A tourist attraction and neighborhood in San Francisco.

Dragon's Gate

A gate at the edge of Chinatown on Grant Avenue decorated with large dragons. In Happy New Year, Julie, Ivy asks if she and Julie can "go the long way so we can enter the dragon's gate."

Frankie's Diner

A burger joint located a distance away from Chinatown. Ivy's grandparents, Gung Gung and Po Po occasionally visit.


The resale store owned by Joyce Albright. It is located in the same building that the Albright apartment is located, on the corner of Redbud and Frederick streets. While Redbud is not a real street, Frederick is and places the shop just south of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is located on the edge of Fisherman's Wharf. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was founded at the location in 1893, and visitors can still see parts of the factory and storefront.

Julie and Ivy frequently visit for ice cream and to purchase cheap, broken slabs of chocolate (e.g. Good Luck, Ivy). In Meet Julie, Mr. Albright takes Julie and Ivy to a festival here. Julie asks if they can take the cable car; the line they would have used would drop them off at Hyde and Beach, just a block away.

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

A fortune cookie factory located in Chinatown. When Julie and Ivy get separated from Mrs. Ling in Happy New Year, Julie, they go to the fortune cookie factory to find her. The real location is in a "narrow alley" as described in the book.

Golden Gate Park

A thousand-acre park in west part of San Francisco. Julie says she is happy to be live closer to the park at her mom's apartment and visits the park several times. In Julie and the Eagles, Julie helps organize a fundraiser for the Randall Museum's eagles at an Earth Day celebration in the park. She and Ivy also visit the Conservatory of Flowers here.

Grace Cathedral

An Episcopal cathedral in Nob Hill. In The Silver Guitar, Julie and TJ planned to meet here before going to the Vernons' house.


The Haight is a neighborhood just north of Julie's apartment, notable for being the center of activity during the 1967 Summer of Love. The street features "psychedelic wreaths" around Christmas in Happy New Year, Julie!. The veterans' center is located in this neighborhood. In Julie and the Eagles, Hank is seen planting trees along Haight Street for Earth Day.

The Happy Panda

A popular Chinese restaurant owned by Ivy's grandfather, Gung Gung. In Happy New Year, Julie!, Gung Gung mentions the restaurant was started by his father after he immigrated to America.


A law school that Mrs. Ling attends in Good Luck, Ivy. UC Hastings College of the Law is located in the Tenderloin, the neighborhood south of Chinatown.

Jack London Elementary School

The school Julie attends following her parents' divorce, named after the author Jack London (who was born in San Francisco). The school mascot is the Jaguar.

Ling House

The Ling family house is across the street from the Albright house.

Lombard Street

A famous, tourist attraction street in San Francisco, known for its steep one-block stretch with eight hairpin turns.

In Good Luck, Ivy, Julie's dad picks up Julie and Ivy from Ghiradelli Square and drives down the "twisting turns."

Louie's Number One Bakery

A bakery owned and run by Louie Fong. A Chinese school is located above it.

Muir Beach

A beach located northwest of in San Francisco. In Julie and the Eagles, Julie celebrates her tenth birthday here with a picnic that includes watching rescued eagles fly from their cage to their new tower.

Nob Hill

A neighborhood in northern San Francisco where the Vernons' large house is located in The Silver Guitar.

North Beach

A neighborhood in northeast San Francisco known for its large Italian population.

In Julie Tells Her Story, Tracy mentions wanting to get pizza from their favorite place in North Beach. Based on book descriptions, Mr. Albright and the Lings likely live in the area.

Randall Museum

A museum in San Francisco. It houses a wildlife rescue center. Julie and Ivy take a baby owl to this museum, which is also home to two bald eagles named Shasta and Sierra in Julie and the Eagles.


A neighborhood in Oakland (a city east of San Francisco across the bay). In The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, Julie and Ivy go here to seek more information on a long-lost friend of Po Po's.

Santa Rosa

A city about an hour north of San Francisco.

Joyce grew up on an apple farm in Santa Rosa with her parents. For Christmas Joyce Albright goes to visit; Julie and Tracy are sad that they are unable to go with her as it was before the divorce. The family also used to go to a Christmas tree farm nearby to cut down their own tree.

Sierra Vista School

The elementary school Ivy attends and that Julie used to attend. Julie wistfully thinks about being in Ivy's class on her first day at Jack London.


A city north of San Francisco. In The Silver Guitar, Reginald Vernon states he sold the musician Danny Kendricks a house here.


A city in the mountains several hours east of San Francisco. In Message in a Bottle, this is the location of Gold Moon Ranch.

Stinson Beach

A beach north of San Francisco. In The Silver Guitar, the Vernons complain that their lazy nephew Jasper wants to spend all his time at this beach.

Stockton Street

A central street in San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood. In Happy New Year, Julie!, Mrs. Ling, Ivy, and Julie go up and down Stockton Street to buy the supplies for Chinese New Year. The street and neighborhood are described as especially fun and bustling as everyone prepares for the holiday. Julie and Ivy try on Chinese dresses in one shop, and they also pass a kite shop, Chinese bakery, herb shop, and souvenir shop. They also see an old brick building where Gung Gung, Ivy's grandfather, is playing mahjong with friends.

Telegraph Hill

A hill and neighborhood in northeast San Francisco.

Coit Tower is a historic landmark that offers views of the city. In Lost in the City, Julie and Gordon go up Telegraph Hill in search of Lucy the missing parrot including into the tower as they heard there are parrots on Telegraph Hill. It is revealed that the parrots are actually wild parrots (a true fact).

Vet Center

A center for veterans of wars. Hank works here.

Waldo Tunnel

A tunnel just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, known for the rainbows painted on the entrances. In Julie and the Eagles, Julie and Tracy travel through "the rainbow tunnel" after they cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

The rainbows were added in the 1960s on the suggestion of the public affairs officer with the California Department of Transportation, Robert Halligan Sr., in order to make the commute more pleasant for those driving back and forth to work the city.[1] Waldo Tunnel was an informal name for the tunnel because it is on the Waldo Grade which is named after William Waldo, a 19th century politician who ran for Governor of California in 1853. In April 2015 it was officially named the Robin Williams Tunnel after the late actor's death (as Williams is credited with leading San Francisco's comedy renaissance), and formal signs were put up in 2016.

Washington Square Park

A park located in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.

In Lost in the City, Julie goes into the park when putting up flyers for Lucy.

Yep's Garage

A car repair shop in Chinatown owned by Jimmy Yep's relatives.


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