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This is a list of specific named locations in the Josefina series.

Camino Real[]

The Camino Real (Spanish: "the Royal Road") is the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, a 1,600 mile trade route between Mexico City and Santa Fe (from 1598 to 1882). It is the trail that Felipe Romero uses to take a caravan annually.

Dead Man's Canyon[]

A large canyon on the Camino Real. Abuelito's caravan is set upon by thieves here on his return caravan, and Tía Dolores's piano crashed into a gully and scared them off.

Mexico City[]

The capital of Mexico. Dolores Romero lived there for ten years, caring for an aunt. Felipe Romero runs a caravan from Santa Fe to Mexico City every year along the Camino Real.

The Palace of the Governors[]

Pueblo Village[]

A nearby village where the Pueblo Indians live, including Mariana. A stream runs nearby. The pueblo is located about five miles from the Montoya rancho.


The rancho, or ranch, is the large parcel of land and central building where the Montoya family and their servants live. The land is located approximately fifteen miles south of Santa Fe near the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and a short distance from the nearby Pueblo village.

The rancho has been in the Montoya family for over one hundred years. The main building has thick walls and small windows to help keep the rooms cool, with a large center courtyard.

The rancho's layout and design are based off a real living history rancho museum, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, located in New Mexico.

Back Courtyard[]

Back part of the central building; the central courtyard is surrounded by workrooms (and the kitchen), storerooms, and the servants' quarters. In one corner is a patch where Mama grew and cultivated her flowers.


The ranch is surrounded by many crop fields. The cornfield is near the stream.

Front Courtyard[]

The front courtyard is near the main gate. It contains the grand sala and the private rooms for Josefina's family.

Josefina's Bedroom[]

Gran Sala[]

The largest, finest room on the rancho's main building. It has candelabras for putting up light.


Kitchen Garden[]

The private use garden, just outside the back courtyard. It has various fruits, vegetables, and herbs; the way they are laid out reminds Josefina of a blanket. The garden is surrounded by a stick fence to keep animals out.


A lookout tower in the south wall.


A stream runs near the main building of the rancho, past the village, and near the pueblo, serving as the source of water for all three locations. Water is gathered regularly, and laundry is also done here.

Santa Fe[]

The nearest large city to the rancho; the rancho is about fifteen miles away. Felipe Romero and Maria Herrera live there.

By Changes for Josefina, Ana, her sons, and her husband have decided to move there so that Juan can start education with the priests.

Tía Magdalena's Home[]

Tía Magdalena lives on the outskirts of the nearby village.


The nearby (fictional) village is a short distance from the rancho. Along with the church at the head of the central plaza, several people live in the village; Máma is buried in the church graveyard.