This is a list of specifically named locations in the Felicity series and film.

Cole House

Elizabeth Cole's house is located near the Governor's Palace.

Governor's Palace

The residence of the royal governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore.

King's Creek Plantation

A plantation halfway between Yorktown and Williamsburg. It initially belonged to Grandfather and after his death becomes the property of Felicity's family. It is the primary setting for Felicity Saves The Day and Peril at King's Creek.

Felicity's grandfather owns multiple slaves, though the number is not given.

Miss Manderly's Home

Where Felicity, Elizabeth, and Annabelle Cole have their lessons. The lessons are primarily held in the parlor.

Market Square

A big, open space in the middle of Williamsburg; it is where the Publick Times fair is held.

Merriman's Store

The store that Felicity's father Edward Merriman owns. Benjamin Davidson is apprenticed here. The store stocks all kinds of imported goods; however, after the Boston Tea Party, Mr. Merriman refuses to stock tea.

Merriman Home

Felicity's Room




Like most colonial homes, the house has a large personal garden.


Hat and dress shop. Nan sees a hat in the window while making an errand with Felicity; this is later used by Felicity to bribe her into going to the tannery. It is also where Felicity first sees the doll displaying a fine blue dress that Mother makes into her ballgown.

Oak Hill

A plantation owned by the Wentworths, located near King's Creek.

Pelham's Jail

The Jail attached to Mr. Pelham's home. This is where Jiggy Nye and Mr. Cole were taken after they were arrested.


Owned by Jiggy Nye, this is on the far edge of the town past the neat fenced yards and more out towards the pastures near the woods. It has a tumble-down shed and stinking vats filled with fish oil or sour beer used to tan animal hides. Owing to Jiggy's alcoholism, the place is a general wreck. There is a large fenced-in pasture.


Run by Mrs. Vobe.

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