This is a list of specifically named locations in the Courtney series.


A city three hundred miles away from Orange Valley.

Barrett Home

Where Jackie Barrett and Sarah Barrett live, near the D'Amico home.

D'Amico Home

Courtney and Tina's Room

Family Room


Orange Valley Mall

The local mall that Courtney, her friends Kip Tomatsu and Sarah Barrett, and Tina D'Amico often go to, including after school. It has three levels and the whole mall is air conditioned.

The Book Shelf

A book store, Courtney also visits here every time she comes to the mall.

D'Amico's Electronics

An electronics store owned by Mike D'Amico, it is located on the third level.

Food Court

The Gap

Hot Dog on a Stick

Movie Theater

The movie theater has six screens that show a variety of movies.

Radiance Salon

Smiley's Arcade

Super Scoops


A pizza parlor.


The local music store that sells the latest albums and tapes. There is always music playing overhead and when Courtney is in the store with Sarah to shop, they always end up dancing in the aisles.


A clothes store known for popular fashions, Both Courtney and Tina like to shop there.

Tomatsu House

Kip's house.

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