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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Caroline series. This also includes significant boats and ships.

Abbott House[]

The Abbott home is where Caroline, her mother, Grandmother Livingston and her father live together. The Livingstons (along with Lydia Livingston) and Hathaways (Mrs. Hathaway and her two daughters Amelia and Rhonda Hathaway) board there during the series.

Caroline's Bedroom[]

Caroline has her own room. Lydia and Rhonda room with her while they live there.



Abbott's Shipyard[]

A shipyard owned by John Abbott.

Hickory Creek[]

The small fishing spot Seth and Caroline take Rhonda for her first fishing trip.

Kingston, Upper Canada[]

A town in Upper Canada (Ontario) on Lake Ontario. The British have headquarters here, and when the White Gull is captured Lydia Livingston is escorted here for her parents to get her.

Lake Ontario[]

One of the five Great Lakes, between New York and Upper Canada (Ontario). Due to its location, it was a point of contention during the War of 1812.

Livingston Farm (Upper Canada)[]

The first farm that Aaron Livingston, Martha Livingston, and Lydia Livingston live on. They leave the farm and come to New York so that Aaron would not be conscripted into the British militia.

Livingston Farm (New York)[]

The second farm that Aaron Livingston, Martha Livingston, and Lydia Livingston live on.

Mallard Bay[]

A small bay near Sackets Harbor. Caroline and her father used to go fishing there often.

Sackets Harbor, New York[]

A small village in Upper New York on Lake Ontario. Caroline and her family live here.


A small sailing skiff owned by the Abbotts. It is sunk during the events of Caroline Takes a Chance; once John Abbott is able to work in his shipyard, he raises and repairs it, naming it Miss Caroline and gifting it to his daughter.

White Gull[]

A sloop built by John Abbott for his nephew, Oliver Livingston. On its maiden voyage, it is boarded by the British and taken.