This is a list of specifically named locations in the Addy Series.

First Baptist Church

Ford's Dress Shop

The dress shop where Momma works. Mrs. Ford is the owner.


An upstairs room above Ford's Dress Shop. Addy and Momma live together in the upstairs garret from the time they arrive in Philadelphia until a little after Poppa's return.


Institute for Colored Youth

A secondary school of higher education in Philadelphia, PA. The school is now known as Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. Addy is recommended to this school in High Hopes for Addy; Miss Dunn attended this school to become a teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Golden's Boarding House

The boarding house that the Walker family lives in from the time Poppa arrives (after the events of Addy's Surprise) until the events of Shadows on Society Hill.

Natkin's Confectionery Shop

A confectionery shop owned by Mr. Natkin that sells ice cream. It is not known to serve black people.

Sixth Street School

Addy's school; she attends the school with Sarah Moore and Harriet Davis. Miss Dunn is the teacher.

Stevens' Plantation

The plantation where Addy and her family worked as slaves, owned by Master Stevens. The plantation is located roughly twenty miles north of Raleigh, North Carolina.[1]

Trinity A.M.E. Church

The local black church the Walkers attend, Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church. Reverend Drake is the minister. Addy's parents were married here in Addy's Wedding Quilt.


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