This is a list of all of Josefina's books that have been released, including craft books, posters, and activity books.

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Central Series

Spanish Titles

When Josefina was first released, all her books were released in Spanish as well. They were translated by Jose Moreno. The books are written in an antique style Spanish to represent the Spanish spoken by Josefina and her family in New Mexico in 1824. A disclaimer regarding the use of antique Spanish, written in modern Castilian Spanish, is in the front of all of the Spanish versions of Josefina's books.

  • Así es Josefina: Una Niña Americana
(Literally: "Here is Josefina: An American Girl")
  • Josefina Aprende Una Leccion: Un Cuento de la Escuela
(Literally: "Josefina Learns a Lesson: A School Story")
  • Una Sorpresa Para Josefina: Un Cuento de Navidad
(Literally: "A Surprise for Josefina: A Christmas Story")
  • ¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Josefina!: Un Cuento de Primavera
(Literally: "Happy Birthday, Josefina!: A Spring Story")
  • Josefina Entra En Accion: Un Cuento de Verano
(Literally: "Josefina Enters the Action: A Summer Story")
  • Cambios Para Josefina: Un Cuento de Invierno
(Literally: "Changes for Josefina: A Winter Story")

Short Stories


Craft Books and Activities

Other Books



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