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This is a list of all of Josefina's books that have been released, including craft books, posters, and activity books.

Central Series[]

Spanish Titles[]

When Josefina was first released, all her books were released in Spanish as well. These were written in an antique style of Spanish with a translation in modern Castilian Spanish explaining the older style of Spanish.

  • Así es Josefina: Una niña americana (Literally: "Here is Josefina: An American Girl")
  • Josefina aprende una leccion: Un cuento de la escuela (Literally: "Josefina Learns a Lesson: A School Story")
  • Una sorpresa para Josefina: Un cuento de Navidad (Literally: "A Surprise for Josefina: A Christmas Story")
  • ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Josefina!: Un cuento de primavera (Literally: "Happy Birthday, Josefina!: A Spring Story")
  • Josefina entra en accion: Un cuento de verano (Literally: "Josefina Takes Action: A Summer Story")
  • Cambios para Josefina: Un cuento de invierno (Literally: "Changes for Josefina: A Winter Story")

Short Stories[]


Craft Books and Activities[]

Other Books[]



  • Josefina's Reading Poster
  • Meet Josefina Poster
  • Josefina's World Map

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