This is a semi-comprehensive list of all outfits released by American Girl for sale only at the American Girl Places, Boutiques, and Bistros and American Girl Fashion Shows. While some items were later released through the website, many were initially only offered through the locations.

Items are listed by alphabetical order according to type: doll outfits, accessories (for dolls and Coconut), general items, unassociated children's outfits, and miscellaneous. (For purposes of this wiki, all wearable items are listed as clothing including shoes, underwear, outerwear such as coats, and outfit sets that come bundled with accessories.) Variations that are or were available in multiple stores share the same page.

Items in italics have most likely been retired. Any items that have been modified or rereleased will be discussed on their article pages.

Outfits and Clothes for Dolls

American Girl Fashion Show Exclusives

Doll and Coconut Accessories and Furniture

Cafe Items and Furniture


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