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Lindsey Bergman doll

The Lindsey Bergman doll was released in June 2001; she was part of the Girls of the Year collection and retired in 2002.


  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Auburn (distinct from Felicity's hair color), curly with sideswept bangs and a side part.
Lindsey was the second doll to be released with freckles; the first doll with freckles was Kit.


Lindsey's meet outfit has very little significance to her stories.


Green t-shirt that says DOGS on it. It is v-necked and has a velcro closure. The O in dogs is heart-shaped.


Light blue, dark blue, red and green hoodie with a zipper front. It has two pockets in front.


Khaki skirt features two velcro closures along the sides, and the skirt has non functional pockets with drawstrings along the bottom on each side.


Tights with light blue, dark blue, green and red stripes.


Red boots that buckle along the sides.

Bobby Pin

Silver bobby pin with red seed beads threaded onto it.


White panties.


  • Lindsey's underwear is similar to the Cheerleader Outfit II bloomers; the only difference is that the holes for the legs are finished on Lindsey's underwear and the holes on the Cheerleader bloomers are not finished.
  • Lindsey dolls sold in the American Girl Place store came with a unique box. This was a standard yellow American Girl Today box but with a see-through window in place of the logo. Kailey and Marisol had unique in-store boxes with windows as well.
  • Lindsey was the first doll representing a Jewish girl; the next was Rebecca Rubin.
  • The Lindsey doll was the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award in 2001.
  • Originally, the American Girl Hospital sent Lindsey dolls with new heads back with the bobby pin. As of 2010 the bobby pin was no longer included with a replaced head.
  • Starting in June 2017, American Girl stated that they will no longer be able to do head replacements on Lindsey dolls through the American Girl Hospital as they have exhausted the supply.[1]

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