Linda Rinaldi is the best friend of Molly McIntire.


Linda, along with Susan Shapiro, is Molly's best friend. Linda is described as being practical and more serious than Molly and Susan. Linda is also honest, straightforward, and often can be a good schemer like Molly. Her father has been sent overseas due to the war. Her mother works at an airplane factory and often comes home late at night. Linda is scared of worms and bugs and dislikes cold weather.

She was not chosen to become a Best Friend Character; this was done instead with Emily Bennett. This may have several reasons: Emily shows a different aspect to Molly's stories, Linda and Susan don't have much of a variation from Molly's stories, and it might have been more complicated for American Girl to make two best friend dolls even though they later did so with Chrissa.

In the Books

Meet Molly: An American Girl

Linda walks back home from school with Molly and Susan to discuss possible Halloween costumes. When Molly shares her idea of Cinderella costumes, Linda points out that this wouldn't be fair as the others would have to be the ugly stepsisters, and instead they should have more equal costumes. She joins the girls in making fun of Ricky's crush. During Halloween night, Linda says she pities Alison for having to trick-or-treat with her mother. Linda eats her candy as she and the others walk back home, but she gets soaked when Ricky sprays the girls with a hose. Linda helps Molly scheme a revenge plan against Ricky, and she helps by getting Ricky to stay outside near the window with the pretense that she wants to learn how to shoot baskets.

Molly Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Linda goes to Molly's house along with Susan as her mother works in an airplane factory every afternoon. She groans about their project, saying she dislikes knitting and knows she has no skills with the knitting needles. She suggests that they collect bottle tops to fit in with their top secret project. The next day, Linda says she wasn't able to wear her dark shirt and be like a secret agent because her mother didn't have time to wash it due to her late shift at the factory. As they're collecting the tops, the girls notice one of the houses have two blue starts on the window and Linda shares that her family has one up for her father. When they pass by Alison's house, Linda suggests they spy on the knitting bee. When Molly suggests the idea of making a blanket, Linda helps by sewing the knitted squares together.

Happy Birthday, Molly!: A Springtime Story

Molly Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Linda, along with Susan and Molly, go to camp and split up into different teams for a game of Capture the Flag.

Changes for Molly: A Winter Story

Molly Marches On

Molly's A+ Partner

Molly's Puppy Tale

Molly and the Movie Star

Linda goes to the movies with Molly and Susan, taking their time to enjoy the theater before the movie started. Linda is noted to try a new candy at the movie theater every time, along with Susan.

After the movies, Linda goes over to Molly's house, and states that her favorite part of the movie was when Melody Moore and the other nurses sang and danced for the soldiers, prompting all three girls to sing the song from the movie. When Molly mimics the salute from the movie, Linda comments that Molly did that salute exactly like Melody Moore.

Linda is invited over to Susan's house to listen to Melody Moore records.

The Light in the Cellar

Clues in the Shadows

Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly

In the Film

Linda is played by Samantha Wilson.


  • Linda's last name is not revealed in the Central Series and is first seen in the movie; however, it is seen in the book Clues in the Shadows.
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