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Leyla: The Black Tulip is a book in the Girls of Many Lands series focusing on Leyla. It was released in 2003 and available with the doll and as a separate purchase. The book was retired with the collection in 2005. Retail cost was $7.95.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter 1: Georgia[]

Chapter 2: The First Tulips[]

Chapter 3: Growing Tulips[]

Chapter 4: The Strangers[]

Chapter 5: The Daring Choice[]

Chapter 6: Voyage to Istanbul[]

Chapter 7: City of the World's Desire[]

Chapter 8: The Poet's Gift[]

Chapter 9: Master Hyacinth[]

Chapter 10: Beyond the Gate of Felicity[]

Chapter 11: Leyla[]

Chapter 12: The Mistress of the Gardens[]

Chapter 13: Harem Life[]

Chapter 14: Winter[]

Chapter 15: The Royal Halvet[]

Chapter 16: The Most Beautiful Clothes[]

Chapter 17: The Hall of the Sultan[]

Chapter 18: The Secret Paintings[]

Chapter 19: The Dark Prison[]

Chapter 20: Princess Fatma[]

Chapter 21: Anticipation[]

Chapter 22: The Miracle[]

Chapter 23: Heart's Desire[]

Then and Now: Turkey[]

Discusses a girl's life in 1720 Turkey. Topics include:

  • The size of the Ottoman Empire
  • The Tokapi Palace and who lived in it.
  • How girls were brought to the Tokapi Palace.
  • A girl's life in the Tokapi Palace.
  • What a Turkish girl would have worn.
  • Why a woman would cover herself with a veil.
  • Other Islamic traditions, such as passing the veil and arranged marriages.
  • The Tulip Era and how it changed Turkey.
  • Changes for the Republic of Turkey, including the women's right to vote.
  • Life in Turkey today.


A glossary of Turkish words used throughout the book is included, along with approximate pronunciations.


Each Girls of Many Lands book came with a detachable bookmark inside the back cover. This shows a portion of the illustration at the start of the book. Measures 7 3/16" x 2".

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