Leyla was one of the Girls of Many Lands, representing Turkey during the Tulip Period in 1720. Leyla was released in 2003 along with Saba and Kathleen Murphy. She is the primary character of Leyla: The Black Tulip.

Personality and Facts

Leyla is a twelve year old girl living in Istanbul, Turkey in 1720. Her real name is Laleena, but is changed to Leyla early on to be more properly Turkish. She is very caring and protective, and is always thinking of others. However, she is very willing to take risks. She appears quiet and shy, and has an ability to grow flowers, specifically tulips, very well. She also loves to draw and paint, is interested in poetry, and has a passion for her family. She is very curious and initially asks a series of questions about the world around her. She is generally thought not to be very poised, though she is considered beautiful with autumn colored eyes and long dark hair. She strongly dislikes being treated unfairly as a slave, and she dislikes when others are treated harshly. She believes that every change that happens is destined to happen. She can be a little naive and secretive.


Leyla: The Black Tulip

Leyla: The Black Tulip by Alev Lytle Croutier


Leyla and Book

The Leyla doll was intended for display only. Her dark brown hair came in a multibraided long style with pearls threaded into four braids (two front, two back) and she has light brown eyes. The components of her outfit were:

  • White sheer lace trimmed split-sleeve blouse
  • Tan and burgundy silk brocade kaftan with split sleeves and gold lace trim
  • Burgundy silk baggy trousers
  • Burgundy and gold twisted waist sash
  • Leather pointed and embroidered slippers
  • Burgundy gold embroidered scarf with gold lace at ends, twisted with gold and "diamond" chain and attached gold and emerald broach
  • Gold coin chain hair decoration
  • Emerald and gold dangling earrings
  • Long pearl double necklace with gold and emerald pendant
  • Gold and ruby bracelet
  • Thin gold bangle bracelet
  • Gold bangle bracelet
  • Blue feather and gold hand fan
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