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Cover of Lea To the Rescue.

Lea to the Rescue is a movie extending the stories of Lea Clark.


  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Lea Clark
  • Hallie Todd as Carol Clark
  • Connor Dowds as Zac Clark
  • Storm Reid as Aki
  • Laysla De Oliveira as Paula
  • Rehane Abrahams as Officer Adriana


  • Released by: Universal Pictures
  • Directed by Nadia Tass


Movie/Book Differences[]

Character Differences[]

  • In the movie, Lea named her sloth Amelia. In the books, she named it Amanda.
  • Camila, Marcos, Thomas, Olivia, and Lea's pet turtle Ginger aren't seen or mentioned in the movie.
  • In the books, Lea's dad name is Mike, in the movie his name is Rick.
  • In the books, it says that Zac has brown hair; in the movie he has blonde hair.
  • In the books, Zac has a crush on Camila's cousin Paloma. In the movie, she is named Paula. Lea is jealous of Paula.

Plot Differences[]

  • The movie takes place after all events in Lea's books.
  • In the first book, when Lea, Zac, and Mr. Clark went hiking on the Praia Tropical, Lea's dad broke his leg and he had to end up in the hospital to get a cast. In the movie, Lea's dad just fell over the edge and Lea had to get help to save him.
  • In the movie, Lea said her family visited Zac in the summer, in the books they visited him in the winter.
  • In the first book, Zac stopped calling Lea "Cricket" after they saved their dad, in the movie he still called her "Cricket" until he realized Lea is growing up.

Television Release[]

The movie aired on the Disney Channel on November 23, 2016.

Home Video Release[]

The movie was made available on Digital HD on May 31st. The Blu-Ray/DVD Combo was released June 14th, 2016.

DVD retail cost was $9.95. Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack cost was $14.95. American Girl retired these in 2020.

Bonus Content[]

  • Born For Adventure: Meet Lea Clark: Featurette with actress Maggie Elizabeth Jones.
  • Star Power: Meet the Cast: Interview with the director and other female cast members.
  • Welcome to the Rainforest: A Day on Set: Featurette of filming the movie.
  • The Adventure Collection: Creating Lea's Style: Featurette of items and costuming/clothing.
  • How We Did It: Animatronics in the Amazon: Featurette on the animatronics used for the sloth in the movie.

Items Associated With the Movie[]