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Lea Dives In is the first book about Lea Clark. It was included with the doll when she was available; it is now available separately.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: The Adventure Begins[]

Chapter Two: A Familiar Face[]

Chapter Three: Making a Splash[]

Chapter Four: Three Wishes[]

Chapter Five: Praia Tropical[]

Chapter Six: Dinner in Distress[]

Chapter Seven: A Babysitter in Brazil[]

Chapter Eight: Camila[]

Chapter Nine: Turtles and Troubles[]

Chapter Ten: Night Surprises[]

Chapter Eleven: Ama's Promise[]

Chapter Twelve: An Invitation[]

Chapter Thirteen: The Hike[]

Chapter Fourteen: Action Shot[]

Chapter Fifteen: Someplace Magical[]

Chapter Sixteen: The Gift[]

Glossary of Portuguese Words[]

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