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Lea's Rainforest House.

Lea's Rainforest House is part of Lea's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2016. The retail cost was $395.


Three walled hut on fake bamboo stilts. Square window in the back wall on the left side, framed with fake bamboo. Exterior of walls have fake wood pattern. Interior of walls are off-white, back wall has white flower and fern graphic on the right side near the floor. Floor is patterned to resemble linoleum, with turquoise diagonal grid lines and stylized turquoise and green flowers, with larger flowers in the spaces between lines, smaller flowers at line intersections, and lighter turquoise dots on lines between intersections. Front half of hut is styled to look like a porch, with fake bamboo posts extending vertically the height of the walls on each side, horizontally across the top, and smaller posts forming porch railings on either side of the front. Hut comes with a roof support bar made of fake bamboo; this attaches to the center of the horizontal post in front and the center of the top edge of the back wall. Two lime green half-oval shelves in the back left corner of the hut, the lower one about one third of the way up the window frame, the higher one about two thirds of the way up the window frame. Two sets of ridges on interior of the side walls for placing loft bed; lower position is just below the bottom of the window frame, upper position is a few inches above the top of the window frame.

Mosquito Netting[]

Two salmon-pink mosquito net curtains on fake bamboo curtain rods. Rods snap onto the frame and side walls near the top; curtains completely cover the side openings and hang to the hut floor.

Outdoor Shower[]

Multicolored plastic panel attached to right side of house. Panel is shaped like a rectangle with a semicircular top. Panel is printed in a turquoise stylized flower design on a salmon colored background and is edged in turquoise and green fake glass tiles. Gray plastic shower head apparatus in center of panel; has detachable main shower head and smaller handheld shower head joined by a turquoise hose. Panel has two hooks for hanging soap.

Reversible Scene[]

Two sided printed scene; slides into the window frame from the right side. One side shows a scene of a waterfall among rain forest greenery with two parrots on a branch to the left of the waterfall. The other scene is a moonlit bay with a silhouetted palm tree overhead in the foreground.


Hinged roof panel woven and fringed to resemble palm thatching. Roof has a framework of fake bamboo poles and rests on the roof support bar by means of three plastic pieces shaped to fit over the bar. Small hooks on each side on which can hang the hammock, the lantern, or the chime. There have been multiple negative reviews from customers who expected the roof to attach more firmly (e. g. roof falling off when doll is placed in hammock).


Cloth hammock swing. Fabric is pink with textured stripes of turquoise, orange, and purple woven in. Hangs by turquoise cords from a fake bamboo bar; cords form an upside down V above bar and are tied into a loop at the top so as to hang on one of the hut’s three hooks. In most photos, the hammock is shown hanging from the hook on the left side of the house, as using the center hook would block the main entrance and using the hook on the right side would block the shower. Hammock is sewn into a chair shape for the doll to sit in; there is not enough room for the doll to lie down.


Plastic light-up lantern (batteries included). Lantern is constructed of a lime green plastic disc at the bottom and a lime green plastic ring at the top of a clear plastic ovoid shape patterned with raised turquoise flowers. Lantern hangs by a loop of cord from any of the hut’s three hooks, but is usually shown hanging from the center hook.


Seashell wind chime constructed of five fake shells strung on a cord. Shells are (from top to bottom) tan, dark pink, yellow orange, purple, and salmon pink. Bottom end of cord is knotted to secure seashells; top end is tied into a loop to hang on a hook. In most photos, the chime is shown hanging from the right side hook in front of the shower.


Light bluish green tufted mattress. Fits on the loft bed.


Purple summer weight blanket. Woven design on blanket consisting of wavy lines and dots. The weave of the fabric is such that the blanket is reversible: one side is lighter purple with a darker purple pattern, the other side darker purple with a lighter purple design.


Medium blue pillow with a lighter blue and green flower and leaf motif.

Loft Bed[]

Plastic loft bed platform with molded “woven wicker” texture. Fake bamboo railing in the front. Railing is constructed of two fake bamboo posts; one at a level with the platform, the other supported a ways above the first by five short fake bamboo posts. Loft bed slides into two different positions corresponding with the ridges on the hut’s side walls.


Three legged table. Tabletop is shaped and colored to resemble a cross section of a tree trunk; legs are fake bamboo posts.


Plastic chair. Legs, backrest, and arms are fake bamboo. Backrest and arms are made from the same “bamboo” piece that curves to form arms. Back chair legs curve up to support backrest/arms piece. Three straight “bamboo” pieces in center of backrest. Seat is yellow-green plastic molded to look like straight pieces of bamboo lashed together with crisscrossing ties.


Light brown wicker basket. Separate lid trimmed with pink, orange and purple print ribbon.


Off white plastic grill. Bottom half is molded in a brick pattern, top half is made to look like stucco. Rounded white counter between the two halves. Small molded supports at seam between counter and lower half of grill. Counter is trimmed with fake tiles in turquoise and lime green. Built in cabinet below counter, cabinet has salmon pink plastic doors with molded black hinges and gold doorknobs. Small gray plastic pegs on left and right sides for hanging things on such as the tongs. Two arched openings trimmed with molded tan bricks on the front; one above counter (bottom of opening is flush with counter) and one below cabinet. Lower opening is filled with plastic shaped to look like stacked logs; upper opening has light-up “coals” (needs three AAA batteries-not included) under a gray plastic grate. Shaped chimney above upper opening. Stylized tropical flower printed on chimney; flower is salmon colored with eight petals, surrounded by a solid yellow-green circle and a dotted turquoise circle. This flower shows up in several places throughout this set and Lea's whole collection and appears to be her personal emblem.


Gray plastic tongs. Tongs somewhat resemble salad tongs in shape. Can be hung on either of the two pegs attached to the grill.


White plastic plate. Zigzag design around edge of plate; design consists of turquoise triangles, pink and orange zigzags, and yellow dots.


Long handled metal fork. Four tines.

Fruit Drink[]

Clear plastic tumbler filled with dark pink “fruit juice”. Yellow straw in juice. An image of a sea turtle is printed on the front of the cup.


Molded plastic papaya. Papaya is shaped as two halves but is molded together as one piece.


Pretend ear of corn. Printed “grill marks” on kernels. Fake bamboo skewer attached to corn.


Plastic salmon fillet with molded lemon garnish. Fits inside the fish basket.

Fish Basket[]

Black plastic fish basket. Basket portion is shaped to fit a fish fillet and is made to resemble metal grating. Basket portion hinges open to insert fish. Handle has a turquoise plastic hand grip.

Shrimp Kebabs[]

Two pretend kebabs. Fake bamboo skewers. Kebabs are made to look like shrimp alternating with vegetables.

Rice Bowl[]

Green plastic bowl with darker green zigzag print. Matching green lid with small knob handle. Pretend rice in bowl; bottom layer is fixed and does not come out, top layer is separate and has pretend baked beans and garnish of greens on top.


Lime green shell shaped pretend soap. Attached loop of cord for hanging soap on either of the two hooks on the shower panel.


Purple towel made of bumpy-textured terry cloth. Lea’s tropical flower emblem is embroidered in the center on one end.


Tall light brown plastic vase. Lea's tropical flower emblem is printed on front. Pretend orchid plant fits into vase; plant has long dark green leaves and magenta blossoms.


Three postcards. Fronts are tropical pictures; an orange flower with a Blue Morpho butterfly, a Bahia harbor, and a waterfall. Postcards are addressed to characters in Lea’s stories, including her friend Abby, Camila, and one of Lea's teachers.


Plastic tablet. Back of tablet is gray with Lea's flower emblem engraved in it (no color). Front of tablet has a turquoise frame surrounding a blank space for screens to slide into. Three lime green buttons on right side of frame; one pink button on left side of frame. Pretend slide-out USB cord in the back that plugs into any of Lea's cameras. Tablet fits into tablet keyboard.

Tablet Keyboard[]

Turquoise plastic tablet keyboard. Mimics a real QWERTY keyboard with salmon pink keys. Has a hinged slot so tablet can fit into it in upright or closed position.

Tablet Screens[]

Three slide-in screen images for the tablet. One is a page of photos (supposedly downloaded from Lea’s camera), one is "Amigos del Oceano" written in Portuguese, and the third is Lea's nature blog.


Turquoise and yellow pretend parrot. Fuzzy “feather” texture. Parrot has turquoise back, wings, head, and top of tail, yellow underside, white face. Feet are plastic molded to snap on to most of the fake bamboo pieces in the set. In most photos, the parrot is shown sitting on one of the porch railings, but it can also sit on the loft bed railings, the back of the chair, and other places.

Tree Frog[]

Small plastic model of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog.


Sheet of punch-out cardstock Blue Morpho butterflies. These come with foam adhesives to stick the butterflies to parts of the house. In the advertising photos, the butterflies are shown attached to the front support posts, upright railing bars, and the bar for the hammock swing.