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Lea's Exclusive Collection.

This is a list of all the items that was available for Lea Clark. As Lea is a Girl of the Year, she and her items were only available from January 2016 to December 2016 before retiring.


Lea came with a paperback copy of Lea Dives In.






For Children

Lea's Exclusive Collection

Lea's Earrings.

Lea's Exclusive Collection consisted of the doll, meet book, Lea's Accessories, and Lea's Beach Dress for $180, and $196 for the option to add ear piercing and a set of earrings exclusive to Lea:

  • Pink-flower circular studs
  • Green and gold butterfly studs
  • Pink and orange beaded dangles

Notably, the earrings are on gold backgrounds/with gold fixings; most earrings are sold with silver settings and backings.

Lea's Whole World

A Whole World Collection was not released.

Debut Giveaway Item

Lea's giveaway item was a pink lycra sarong in a giveaway envelope.

AGP Birthday Party Giveaway Shirt

Lea Toucan Shirt.jpg

For Lea-themed birthday parties held at AGP bistros, girls were given a doll-sized white t-shirt with a picture of a toucan on it. These gifts were part of the deluxe birthday party.