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Lea's Beach Picnic Set.

Lea's Beach Picnic Set is part of Lea's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2016. Retail cost was $34.


Square tan woven “frond” mat. Light aqua edging. Yellow diamonds outlining aqua blue diamond-zigzag patterns “interwoven” around mat just inside the edge. American Girl advised rolling rather than folding the mat; the set was sold in a long box to accommodate this.


Hot pink flexible plastic oval basket, molded inside and out to suggest weaving. Tan curved handles. Light purple molded and painted trim around upper edge. Painted design of white-edged purple leaf shapes and purple-outlined aqua dots forming two rows across front of basket; one just below the upper edge and one just above the lower edge. Painted white plumeria outline ringed in an aqua circle and purple dots on center front of basket. Two tassels, one dark purple and the other yellow, tied to front handle of basket.


Aqua blue plate. Textured and shaped to resemble a large stylized tropical leaf with upturned edges. Texturing is present on both top and underside of plate.


Molded plastic pretend pineapple. Dark green leaves with no shading. Texture of pineapple is picked out in yellow over the dark green plastic. This is identical to other pineapples from previous sets like Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand and Cecile and Marie-Grace’s Glassware and Treats.

Coconut Drink[]

Pretend green coconut. Top is shaped and painted pale tan to simulate an opening cut with a machete; pentagonal opening filled with simulated “coconut water” with molded ripples. (The plastic is a semi-transparent cloudy color consistent with actual coconut water). White bent straw attached to drink as if it is poking out of the “water”. Small plastic pink-tipped plumeria flower attached to drink; this has five petals despite Lea’s plumeria emblem having eight.


One whole empanada (semicircular folded pastry) with shading from pale tan to light golden brown and decorative twist molding around curved edge. One “sliced” empanada (two half empanadas molded as if stacked), this is identical in color and edge molding to the whole empanada and has molded light-colored “meat” filling exposed on sliced edges.


Three brigadeiros (a Brazilian treat similar to chocolate truffles) molded as one. Light greenish-bronze “paper” fluted cup-shaped wrappers. Molded “chocolate” sprinkles and frosting with very subtle shading.


Doll-sized journal. Front and back covers are printed in a colorful design identical to the print of Lea’s Meet Dress, spine in bright yellow with purple and salmon diamond-zigzag patterning. Aqua elastic cord knotted around journal and passing through a round hole in spine to hold journal shut; this can be slid up or down to open journal. Small bronze-colored charm with raised plumeria design threaded onto cord. Pages inside are ruled with neon lime lines (lines are spaced at standard scale and not sized down for the dolls). Lime “Lea Clark” and dark pink American Girl logo on title page. Tropical emblems on each page in purple, dark pink, aqua, lime, salmon, and yellow: butterfly, plumeria, and sea turtle.