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Lea's Beach Accessories.

Lea's Beach Accessories are part of Lea's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2016. The retail cost was $34.

Swim Mask[]

Clear swim mask with bright pink rectangular frame. Clear nose guard portion. Clear contour edging behind pink frames to fit mask snugly against doll’s face. Adjustable aqua blue strap.


White tubular snorkel. Aqua blue flexible mouthpiece. Top of snorkel is silver-gray. Aqua blue movable loop to fasten snorkel to strap of mask. “Discover Bahia” written along straight portion of snorkel in bright pink script.

Swim Fins[]

Bright pink and white swim fins. Shoe portion is bright pink, with white removable heel strap and white plumeria outline (no circles) on top of foot. Open toe cutout with two bright pink sections curving from sides of feet to tip of fin. Fin portion is white with bright pink edging in a curved design. Underside of fin is bright pink with two raised wavy tread lines at heel.

Sea Turtle[]

Small gray-green plastic model of a baby sea turtle. Beige underside. Painted black eyes. Realistic shading on shell, fins, head, and tail.

Sea Turtle Egg[]

Small plastic model of a hatching sea turtle egg. Turtle’s head and flippers are visible; these are identical in appearance to those of the other turtle. Eggshell is white with pale yellow inner layer visible beneath turtle’s chin.


Bright pink beach towel patterned with yellow and dark blue plus shapes, small yellow diamonds, aqua blue zigzags, and white dashed lines. Attached carrier of yellow grosgrain ribbon; “Lea Clark” printed in dark blue on center strap framed by two printed blue plumeria outlines. Carrier fastens with Velcro when towel is rolled up. Towel is large enough for doll to lie on.


Aqua blue pretend tube of sunscreen. White removable cap and upper edge. Front of tube has a yellow and white stylized sun graphic with aqua blue “SPF 50”. Blue text: “Sunscreen” in script above graphic, “Water Resistant” in print below graphic near cap. Tube is rigid plastic and cannot be squeezed.