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Lavinia Halsworth

Lavinia Halsworth is a classmate in Marie-Grace Gardner's class at school.




Lavinia is described as proud and bossy.

In The Books[]

Meet Marie-Grace[]

Meet Cécile[]

Lavinia catches Cécile by her hand at the Children's Ball and rudely tells her not to dance, unaware of the switch between Cécile and Marie-Grace. Cécile simply laughs at her and joins in with the other dancers.

As Meet Cécile is told from Cécile's perspective, Lavinia is not identified by name.

Marie-Grace and the Orphans[]

Lavinia looks down on families that are leaving New Orleans in the summer because of the yellow fever outbreak. She insists that her family is staying and the reports about the fever are foolish.

Marie-Grace Makes a Difference[]

Marie-Grace goes to a yellow fever infirmary and is surprised to see Lavinia there. Lavinia explains that she and her mother have been assisting at the infirmary every day because her sister got the fever. Her mother made a promise at church that if Lavinia's sister recovered, they would help every day until the epidemic finished. The family is busy bringing supplies each day. Marie-Grace is surprised that Lavinia, who is normally quite proud and bossy, is willing to assist.