The Lanie Holland doll.

The Lanie Holland doll was released in 2010 and was available for only one year before retirement. She is considered the Girl of the Year for 2010.


  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Blonde, curly, side-swept bangs
  • Eyes: Hazel 
  • Eyebrows: Feathered

Meet Outfit

Lanie doll with Lanie


Blue and green striped short sleeved rugby dress. Knee length. White polo style collar. White sleeved cuffs. Embroidered patch on left chest showing two dragonflies. Three non-functional white buttons on collar placket.


Double-ribbon blue headband with a yellow felt dragonfly applique with blue stitching.


Blue and white canvas shoes with a yellow bow.


Dark blue panties with a white embroidered dragonfly.

Dress Like Your Doll

Lanie's Rugby Dress and Lanie's Headband for children was available.

  • Dress: $42
  • Headband: $8


  • Lanie is mentioned to have green eyes in the books. However, the doll has hazel eyes.

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