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Lady Margaret's Ghost is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Felicity's books.


From the Central Series



Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Delivery

Chapter Two: Mistress of the House

Chapter Three: Race Day

Chapter Four: The Boy with the Roan Colt

Chapter Five: Shadows at Dusk

Chapter Six: A Light in the Parlor

Chapter Seven: Dawson's Remedy

Chapter Eight: A Secret Past

Chapter Nine: Stolen!

Chapter Ten: More Disappearances

Chapter Eleven: Dawson's Theft

Chapter Twelve: A Daring Plan

Chapter Thirteen: Search for a Ghost

Chapter Fourteen: Merriman Family Heirlooms

Looking Back

Discusses Publick Times in the era. Topics discussed:

  • When Publick Times was held, usually at the same time Virginia's highest court was in session. Williamsburg's population would double almost overnight.
  • The Fair held during the Publick Times that included shopping, merchandise from Europe, street performances, games and races, and evening theatrical plays. Colonists also came to hear news and hear the court trials.
  • Taverns, which served as inns and a hub for news, business, and gossip. They overflowed during these times.
  • The variety of visitors to Williamsburg, such as travelers, boatmen, and wagon drivers, who would share news from the places they visited in the colonies and abroad.
  • Dangers colonists faced during Publick Times such as thieves and pickpockets.
  • Consequences of thievery, such as having the hand branded for the first offense, subsequent brandings or hanging.
  • The exploitation of orphans by dishonest people who exploited them.
  • The lack of options for orphaned children as almshouses offered orphans and poor people room and board in exchange for hard work.
  • How some orphans found apprenticeships. While boys were generally apprenticed to learn a trade regardless of their backgrounds, girls were rarely apprenticed unless they had been orphaned.
  • Skills female apprentices would have learned such as sewing, weaving, and spinning.
  • How apprenticeships offered orphans the chance to earn a living and respect in society.


  • Martha's Aunt Prudence is said to live in Norfolk, and at the start of the book, Martha and the three younger children are leaving to visit her. However, the city had been destroyed in January 1776 in the Burning of Norfolk with only one building, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, remaining in any form after after the burning, and the city struggled to rebuild and was not restored as a city proper until post-war. (See Norfolk during the Revolutionary War, on Wikipedia).
  • The text mentions chariot wheel pattern coverlets. Although Colonial Williamsburg owns an example of this woven pattern, it dates from the 1830s at the earliest.


  1. Felicity's eleventh birthday was the following spring.