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Kwanzaa Outfit on Just Like You 1 with the Kwanzaa Decorations.

The Kwanzaa Outfit was a American Girl of Today outfit released in 1996 and retired in 1999. Retail cost was $22.

The complementary accessory set was the Kwanzaa Decorations.

Kaftan Dress[]

Rectangular cotton cloth dress of orange, green, gold, and white stripes. Circular neck opening. Seams down the side with openings for hands, Velcro closure at back at the circular neck opening for ease of wear.

While referred to a "bubu" in the catalogs, the proper spelling is boubou, and this is just one of the many names used for the kaftan dress.

Head Wrap[]

Rectangular head scarf, narrowed at one end, same print as kaftan. Has two snaps to ease in keeping the wrap on.


Beaded gold, red, amber, and green necklace on black cord. Clasps with gold clasp.


Leather slip on sandals with green and red beads at toe. Intended to simulate thong sandals.

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