Kwanzaa Outfit on Just Like You 1 with the Kwanzaa Decorations.

The Kwanzaa Decorations were an American Girl of Today accessory set released in 1996 and retired in 1999. Retail cost was $20. They were a complimentary set to the Kwanzaa Outfit.


Wooden candle holder--kinara. Carved wood with indentations for seven candles.


Wooden faux candles. One black, three red, and three green. Black is slightly larger than red and green.


Two molded ears of corn.


Woven fiber mat in red, black, green, and natural colors with black leather trim.

Unity Cup

Brown cup molded to resemble a traditional West African mask.


One peach, one pear, and one apple.


Woven basket for fruit.


Miniature, abridged copy of Kwanzaa!: A Celebration of African-American Heritage by Jill Wolf, Kate Anderson, and Margaret Schryver.

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