Knit Woolens.

The Knit Woolens were introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1988 and retired in 2009 with Kirsten's archival. They are associated with Changes for Kirsten and paired with the Winter Skirt and Blouse. Retail cost was $24.


Black and white knit traditional Scandinavian sweater. Black ribbed cuffs and collar. Five functional silver buttons down front. Checkered trim and black and white stripes with alternating chevrons. Large stylized snowflake on each side of front chest.


Black and white knit mittens attached to sweater by black yarn. Black and white stripes on front. Solid black with white silhouette of a boy and a girl on the back of each mitten.


Knit hat. Large black pompom on top. Checkered trim. Alternating silhouettes of boys and girls with snowflakes below, separated by white stripes.

Dress Like Your Doll

Starting in 1988, a girl's sized outfit sold as the Scandinavian Outfit along with the Winter Skirt and Blouse. The matching parts were:

  • Sweater: $70
  • Hat: $15
  • Mittens: $10

This was phased out around the year 2000.


  • Originally, the outfit was hand knit and called the Hand-Knit Woolens; it was later changed to machine knitting.