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Kit Learns a Lesson is the second book in the Kit series.



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Chapter One: Messages[]

Chapter Two: Pilgrims and Indians[]

Chapter Three: Spilling the Beans[]

Chapter Four: Kit's Hard Times[]

Looking Back: School in 1934[]

Discusses education and the condition of schools during the Great Depression. Topics covered:

  • The separation of students into different grades and individual classrooms, and the subjects they studied at school.
  • Financial problems schools faced, with many schools not being able to repair conditions and afford to buy new books and supplies.
  • Ways schools tried to save money, from cancelling special programs to lengthening school holidays and shortening the school year.
  • The rural families who moved to California for better jobs and better lives, and how the constant disruption affected children's education.
  • Consequences the Great Depression had on teachers' salaries, resulting with some to go unpaid for months or having to board with their students.
  • Other ways schools tried to further down expenses, including firing married teachers in order to hire single teachers who were supporting their families.
  • Ways teachers helped students affected by the Great Depression, such as coordinating food and clothing drives or working with charities.

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  • Chapter Four was published in the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of American Girl Magazine under the title "Kit's Hard Times."


  1. Pg 18: "Thanksgiving's only two weeks from now," said Kit.
  2. The story ends on Thanksgiving night. Thanksgiving in 1932 was November 24th.