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Kit Kittredge was the ninth Historical Character of the American Girl Dolls, representing the Great Depression era. Kit was released in 2000 and is part of the BeForever collection.

Personality and Facts

Kit was named after her mother and Aunt Millie; however, she prefers to go by her nickname. Kit refers to herself as not being "flouncy." She is very much a tomboy who does not like pink or ruffles, and she cares little for baking, dusting, dresses, and dance class, even though she has shown an affinity for square dancing. She enjoys baseball, and her favorite player is Ernie Lombardi, the catcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Kit likes when boys are around because she believes they are always up to something. She is interested in everything and fancies herself a reporter and factual writer. Her favorite place is the newsroom of the Cincinnati Register, where she often delivered Uncle Hendrick's letters. She has won an award for her writing in Kit's Railway Adventure, and has also had an article in the newspaper. She loves to read, and is seen reading Robin Hood, a story her older brother Charlie gave her.

Kit doesn't always like change, even though sometimes she wishes for them to happen. She also dislikes feeling dependent on charity from others, or being a "moocher" as she has called it, which spurs her fascination with the spunky, independent pilot Amelia Earhart. She has strong pride, but eventually she learns to swallow it, and tackle her problems with thrift and cleverness. She loves country life and the great outdoors. Kit is embarrassed easily, especially when the hardships of her life are revealed to others. Kit can be easily irritated, and peevish.

Kit loves adventures. She often feels "stuck" with endless chores since her home became a boarding house, and she doesn't enjoy them.

Kit is funny and charming, often winning the love and support of others. She doesn't like to see people suffer, and usually wants to bring attention to causes she believes in. Kit is practical and describes herself as "spunky" and "straightforward." She often doesn't hold her tongue and ends up saying mean things without intending to, especially to Stirling. Kit very seldom cried before the Depression began to affect her life. Kit loves her father and feels he's the best man in the world, with or without a job.

American Girl characterizes her as "resourceful" and "clever." She is also characterized as being "inquisitive" on her Meet video on YouTube,[5] as well as on the catalogue page on the American Girl Publishing site.[6] The American Girl website also describes her as a bright light in the dark days of the Great Depression.

American Girl describes her as having a "can-do" attitude, as someone who loves to put her creativity to work to brighten someone else's day.

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The Kit doll.

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Kit has freckles across the nose and cheeks.
  • Hair: Blond, shoulder length; side part, no bangs.
  • Eyes: Dark Blue


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  • Kit was the first new Historical character released after Mattel had fully taken over American Girl.
  • Kit was the first character and Historical Character pictured with short hair.
  • Kit was the first character doll released with freckles. (While Felicity Merriman is described as having freckles, the doll does not.)
  • Kit's address is 229 Abbot Place[7], which is a wholly fictional address.


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