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This article is about the abridged 2020 version. For the BeForever version, see Read All About It!.

Kit: Read All About It! is a bound, abridged book of the first three books of Kit's original Central Series. It is included with the Kit doll when she is purchased and available separately.

Stories Included

Changes from Read All About It!

  • Several--but not all--illustrations have been placed back into the text.
  • Several minor descriptions, scenes, and smaller events within the text are removed (e.g. long details about Kit's newsletter and the redecoration of her room in the first chapter of Meet Kit;), but no major plot events or stories are removed.
  • Chapters are renamed, with some being combined after scenes have been removed.
  • The scenes of Kit writing what she will not have money for, and talking with Ruthie under the porch about her father losing his job and what to do, are removed.
  • The minor scene of Uncle Hendrick grilling Kit in academic subjects is removed, as well as much of his berating of Mother and Dad.
  • The scene of Kit and Ruthie examining the attic is removed.
  • The scene of Kit and Ruthie walking to school with Sterling, and the scene of Thanksgiving being explained by Roger (and then corrected by Kit) as well as students answering questions about how to help each other in the Depression, is removed.
  • Since the scene of Charlie giving Kit the tennis ball to use when caring for Inky is removed, Kit does not throw it in the park when she walks him. He is also not chewing on it on the day Kit writes the story for Ruthie; he is instead snoring as well.

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  • Unlike other characters, there are no added diagrams or maps in the front of Kit's abridged books.

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