Kit's Surprise is the third book in the Kit series.




Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Rickrack

Chapter Two: The Bright Red Dress

Chapter Three: The Wicked Ogre

Chapter Four: Jewels

Looking Back: Christmas in 1934

Discusses the Christmas season during the Great Depression. Topics covered:

  • Ways Americans found to celebrate Christmas during the Depression, despite the financial situations they faced and struggled with.
  • Stories of families who were able to find Christmas trees, and the inexpensive ways they decorated their trees without the luxury of electric lights.
  • The changes in Christmas wishes children gave to department store Santa Clauses, with many asking for their fathers to receive new jobs.
  • Christmas gifts children from wealthier families might have received, and the toys that were popular amongst children during the 1930s.
  • The gifts children might have received from their parents, including homemade toys and old toys that were either repaired or repainted.
  • Requests various charities, churches, and public utilities received from families who were in need.
  • The charities and citizens who worked hard to spread Christmas cheer to the unemployed and the needy in their communities.

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