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Kit's School Lunch (2023 edition).

Kit's School Lunch was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000. It is associated with the book Kit Learns a Lesson. The set was modified in 2007 and retired in 2017; the set was rereleased and retired in 2023. Retail cost was $16 and increased to $18 and $28; the 2023 retail cost was $36.

Lunch Tin[]

Light green metal lunch tin. Removable lid. Two attached movable carrying handles. Black and white pictures on sides and lid: ships, trains, and airplanes with clouds with white diamond-accented borders.

The 2023 version does not have rolled silver metal edges on the handles and is brighter green.


Sandwich with visible cheese slice filling.

The 2000 edition contains half a white bread sandwich cut on the diagonal; the 2007 and 2023 editions have a whole sandwich.

In the 2023 version the cheese slice is round and the sandwich is brown wheat-style bread.



Kit's School Lunch, 2001 release.

Red apple; cut in two halves vertically with white interior and black seeds. 2001 edition.


Orange carrot with cropped green leaf top. 2001 edition.

Apple and Vegetables[]


Kit's School Lunch (2007 edition).

Red apple half, carrot, and two celery sticks connected together. 2007 version.

Apple Slices[]

Three connected red apple slices. White interior. 2023 edition.


Three fused carrots; molded green leafy tops. 2023 version.


Oatmeal raisin cookie. 2000 edition has a smaller, more unevenly shaped cookie; 2007 and 2023 versions have a larger rounder cookie.


White square cloth napkin. Light green stitching around hem edge. Autumn is embroidered in one corner in brown and flanks above with with orange and yellow leaves and two acorns.


  • In the books, Stirling has to share Kit's lunch box with her; he comes over to her side of the lunch room to get his sandwich each day.
  • Every version has had a different combination of the fruits and vegetable snacks.