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Kit's Reporter Accessories

Kit's Reporter Accessories (also known as Kit's Reporter Set) were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2009 and retired in 2015. It is associated with the movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Retail cost was $28.


Black accordion-style camera. Opens and closes.

Camera Case[]

Black hard shell camera case. Slip-tab closure.


Box of Kodak® film. No real film inside.


Black flip top journal. "Notes" in gold print at bottom.

Fountain Pen[]

Red fountain pen with gold nib and removable cap.


Blue pouch with red strap for notebook and pen. Yellow pocket for pen.


Newspaper of the Cincinnati Register with Kit's story on the front page.


Five photo-stickers of images from the Great Depression.


  • The camera, case, film, and photos are similar to those from Kit's Photography Set.
  • In the series, this camera is described as an old one that Kit found in the attic after moving up and Charlie fixed for her. She intends to use this to photograph her father next to the walls he built in his job at the airport; however, she instead uses it to photograph people at the soup kitchen. Kit then submits the film to the Cincinnati Register along with a letter to the editor, and her photos are published in the paper.