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Kit's Railway Adventure is part of Kit's books, tied to the Travel Scrapbooks. Retail cost was $15.95.

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Scrapbook Summary

Souvenirs Inside

Several items are reproductions of authentic items.

  • Professor Phibb's Fact Finder: cardboard viewer with red plastic lens (in yellow labeled pocket)
  • Paper of Kit's winning essay (in mail envelope pocket)
  • Map of Chicago and cardboard bookmark/letter opener (in brochure pocket)
  • Green cardstock train whistle (in orange whistle code pocket)
  • Non-removable recreational map of Glacier National Park
  • Red paper lantern (in clear pocket)
  • Cardboard "beaded" rosette on yellow ribbon (in orange envelope pocket with sun symbol)
  • Punch out "FD" puzzle (in Roosevelt envelope)


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References and Footnotes

  1. Kit wins the trip as announced in a paper dated July 1. Kit is now eleven, meaning her birthday has passed.