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Kit's Radio Set.

Kit's Radio Set was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2015 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $42.


Brown plastic radio. Gold plastic knobs on front. Right side knob changes volume. Center dial lights up red and spins when the left knob is turned. This tunes the radio to different "stations" to hear four different clips of sound from Kit's era. These include a Fireside Chat from President Roosevelt, music, and news from Cincinnati. Radio comes with 3.5mm audio jack to play music from a separate device. Radio uses three AAA batteries.


Abridged copy of Robin Hood. Green cover with gold trim and the title in all caps. Image underneath of Robin Hood and his band. This was previously sold in Kit's Bedtime Extras.


Red and white felt pennant. Printed graphic on pennant reads "Go Team" in white with an image of to baseball bats and a glove. The red pennant is evocative of the Cincinnati Reds, Kit's favorite team.

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