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Kit's Party Treats.

Kit's Party Treats were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2001 , modified in 2007 and retired in 2011. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Kit!. Retail cost was $29.


Chocolate roll cake with white textured icing. Strawberries and yellow candle on top. Candle can be removed. Two separate slices: one with strawberry, the other without strawberry. Strawberry is red with yellow dots on the edge and a pink center with a purple outline. White part of cake slices is smooth while the chocolate part is textured.

In the books, this is described as a cake Aunt Millie made for the party.


Pale green ceramic platter that holds cake.

Treat Cups[]

Two ceramic yellow treat cups with purple trim. Handle covered in purple ribbon with pink bow. In the original version of this set, there were ten separate pieces of candy that fit in the cups. These are faux pieces of white, square taffy with the label of "Kits." These came with a light and dark pink label for artificial strawberry, white and brown for artificial chocolate taffy, yellow and red for molasses taffy with peanut butter, and yellow and green for artificial banana taffy. The set came with two strawberry, two chocolate, three molasses, and three banana candies.

Later versions have attached candy in the cups. The plastic clump of attached candy appears to have multicolored jelly beans and mints.


Two Chinese paper fans. Watercolor flower design. Wooden handle with green metal clip at bottom. Clip is attached to hook on handle. Fans open and close.


Five Chinese lanterns on a garland: yellow, orange, white, red, and purple. Black plastic rims, handle, and cord. White snowflakes on sides with the exception of the white lantern, which has orange snowflakes. Silver ring at either end for hanging. Counting the silver rings, the cord measures a little over 3' long. The original lanterns were shorter and slightly fatter than the later versions. A later version of these lanterns was made entirely of plastic; these have "American Girl" stamped into the mold on the bottom of each lantern.

In the book, these lanterns are described as ones that Aunt Millie found in a trash pile and repaired; their book illustration shows cracks in the paper. The Kittredges put candles in them to light them up.


Silver metal spoon server. Ornate designs.