Kit's Party Treats.

Kit's Party Treats were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2001 , modified in 2007 and retired in 2011. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Kit!. Retail cost was $29.


Chocolate roll cake with white icing. Strawberries and yellow candle on top. Two separate slices one with strawberry the other without strawberry.


Pale green ceramic platter that holds cake.

Treat Cups

Two ceramic yellow treat cups with purple trim. Handle covered in purple ribbon with pink box. Attached candy painted on. (Originally there were ten separate pieces of candy that fit in the cups.)


Two Chinese paper fans. Watercolor flower design. Wooden handle with green metal clip at bottom. Fans open and close.


Five Chinese lanterns on a garland: yellow, orange, white, red, and purple. Black rims, handle, and cord. White starfish on sides with the exception of the white lantern that has orange starfish. Ring at either end. (The original lanterns were shorter and slightly fatter than the current version.)


Silver metal spoon server. Ornate designs.


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