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Kit's One-Piece Pajamas.

Kit's One-Piece Pajamas were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2015 and retired in 2019. Retail cost was $24.

Union Suit[]

Long sleeved check print one-piece union style pajama suit.


The back of the pajamas, showing back rear flap.

Print of green checked background, white Scottie dogs (with coral collars; outlined in green), stylistic coral dots, and stylistic outlined and solid green dots. Front left breast pocket. The front placket (topstitched around) has three white/coral four-hole nonfunctional buttons and. Back rear flap; closes with two coral functional buttons. Coral trim on backflap and placket.


Coral faux leather slippers. White faux fur trim. Coral plastic soles.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

Child-sized clothing inspired by Kit's One-Piece Pajamas was available, with the pajamas separated into a two-piece set.

  • Puppy Print Pajamas: $42
  • Coral Cuff Slippers: $24

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