Kit's Holiday Baking Set.

Kit's Holiday Baking Set was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2008 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $44.

Recipe Cards

Three recipe cards for Holiday Nut Roll cookies, Sugar and Spice cookies, and Thumbprint Jelly cookies.

Measuring Cups

One 1/2 measuring cup and one 1/4 measuring cup.

Sugar Box

Box of pretend sugar.

Flour Box

Box of pretend flour.

Baking Powder

Metal can of pretend baking powder.

Flour Sifter

Metal sifter with working handle.

Rolling Pin Kit

Wooden rolling pin.

Cookie Cutters

One circle-shaped cookie cutter and one star-shaped cookie cutter.


Plastic star-shaped and jelly cookies clumped together.


Gold platter.


White tablecloth decorated with holly and ivy.


Rubber candle with plastic candle holder, trimmed with faux pine.

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