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This is a list of all the items that have been or are currently available for Kit Kittredge in her Historical Collection.

The doll with select and modified items was rereleased in 2023. Any items released prior to her birthday collection rerelease are separated from later-released items as the Archived Collection; all are retired. Rereleased items are listed separately, linking to original articles. Items in italics under the rerelease sections have been retired. Any items that were modified or rereleased will be discussed on their article pages.

Doll and Meet Accessories[]

Kit originally came with a copy of Meet Kit. During BeForever, Kit came with a copy of Read All About It!. When BeForever ended and the books were revised, she came with Kit: Read All About It!.

In 2023, a special 100th Birthday Anniversary Kit was released with the first edition faded background style of Meet Kit (with a special introduction by Valerie Tripp). The BeForever meet outfit version of Kit was retired later that year, making the Birthday Collection version of Kit the only one available.

Rerelease Outfits[]

Rerelease Accessories[]

Archived Collection[]

BeForever and Post-Beforever Outfits[]

BeForever and Post-Beforever Accessories[]

Inspired-By Clothing[]

Kit's School Collection[]

Kit's Holiday Collection[]

Kit's Birthday Collection[]

Kit's Summer Collection[]

Kit's Winter Collection[]

Kit's Bedtime Collection[]

Also called Sweet Dreams, Kit!

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Extra Items and Outfits[]

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