Kit's 1934 Swimsuit with Kit's Beach Chair.

Kit's 1934 Swimsuit was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2005 and retired in 2007. It was complemented by Kit's Beach Chair. Retail cost was $24.


Red and yellow skirted stretch swimsuit. Red and yellow striped bodice attached to red overskirt and red shorts. Yellow elastic non-removable belt with silver oval metal buckle tacked in place. Velcros up the back (velcro is attached to shorts, not overskirt)

Swim Cap

Yellow stretch lycra-like swim cap. Red trim along edge and making a cross at top. White elastic attached chin strap.


Round brown plastic tortoiseshell sunglasses. Brown tinted lenses.


Red canvas sandals (styled much like Kit's Meet Shoes). Rubber soles. Silver non-functional buckles; no-snag-velcro closure.



Parasol topknot and print.

Vinyl Asian-styled parasol. Blue background with white dots, pink and red flowers, flower outlines, red geometrics, and black netting print. Red vinyl "knot" at top with red cording. Black handle and ribs. Can be clicked into open position. Black elastic loop so doll can hold parasol.

Trading Cards

Three factual trading cards: Kit's Swimsuit, Kit's Beach Chair, and Kit's Parasol.

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