The Kirsten doll.

The Kirsten Larson doll was released in 1986, along with Samantha Parkington and Molly McIntire. They were American Girl's first three Historical Characters. Kirsten was officially archived in January 2010.

Kirsten Doll

Kirsten's hair comes styled in two looped braids. A good tutorial on redoing her hair is at:
  • Eyes: Light Blue

Meet Outfit


Kirsten with Meet Kirsten.

Kirsten's meet outfit is symbolic of the start of her new life on the American prairie in the 1850s. Though Kirsten spends much of Meet Kirsten wearing her traditional Swedish clothes, she receives this outfit as a hand-me-down from her elder cousin Lisbeth Larson.


Light blue day dress with a red flower print. Uses common style designs from the 1850s such as dropped sleeves, bodice gathered at the waist, and growth stripes. White collar and cuffs. As with many older items, the pattern of the print has varied slightly since Kirsten was released; it used to be somewhat random, but now the flowers are arranged in rows and lines. Velcro at back and wrists.


White with Red stripes; ties around the waist. Pocket on the left side.


White pantalettes trimmed with lace.


Thick brown and yellow striped socks. Later versions are thin yellow and greyish striped socks.


Brown lace-up boots with a soft sole.

Hair Ribbons

Two woven blue hair ribbons.

Meet Accessories


Kirsten's Meet Accessories.


A red-checked sunbonnet

Spoon Bag

A spoon bag to carry her eating utensils. Has 1854 and K. L. embroidered on front.


A wooden spoon. Two versions: First version had rounded knob at end of handle, second version has straight handle.

Amber Heart Necklace

An amber-colored heart, a keepsake from her grandmother


Cream handkerchief with red-and-blue embroidered edges.

Dress Like Your Doll


Kirsten's Meet Outfit for Girls

The matching outfit was available; it was phased out around 2000.

  • New Country Dress: $78
  • Amber Heart: $25
  • Pantalettes: $18
  • Petticoat: $20

Pre-Mattel and White-Bodied Doll Differences

  • White bodied Kirstens have a white muslin cloth body; both Mattel and Pre-Mattel Kirstens have matching cloth bodies.
  • White bodied Kirstens have coarser, thicker hair that is a lighter shade. Pre-Mattel and Mattel Kirstens have darker blond hair.
  • The clipped hairs are more sparse in Mattel Kirstens; however, White-bodies Kirstens have less long hairs in the back.
  • Mattel and Pre-Mattel dolls have lighter blue eyes.
  • Pre-Mattel and White Body Kirstens have soft light brown lashes. They are longer in White Body Kirstens.
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