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Kirsten's Weaving Loom.

Kirsten's Weaving Loom is a Historical Character Craft Kit offered as part of the Portfolios of Pastimes and part of Kirsten's Collection, released in 1991 and retired in 1996. The retail price was $22 and later increased to $26.

The kit contains enough supplies to make both a child-sized and doll-sized waist sash.

Weaving Loom[]

Wooden weaving loom; four rod "crosspieces" and two "end" pieces that have attached gears with wooden brakes. The loom comes disassembled in the box and can be easily put together and taken apart for storage.


Two wooden yarn shuttles.


Wooden beater.

Shed Maker[]

Plastic slotted card to wind and thus alternate warp threads.

Warp Cord[]

Spool of off-white cotton warp thread.


Red Heart Sport Weight (4-Ply) 100% cotton yarn, 2.5 oz each; colors 813 (Bright Blue) and 1 (White)

Measuring Tape[]

Three Foot/one yard (36") long white plastic measuring tape. Pleasant Company Logo.

Instruction Book[]

Instruction book with diagrams and instructions on making a 72"-long (6') child-sized sash and a 40"-long doll-sized sash.

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