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Kirsten's Skating Outfit.

Kirsten's Skating Outfit was introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1997 as a Limited Edition Outfit and retired in 2000. Retail cost was $28.


White wool heavyweight hooded flare-line coat. Red line stripes on the sleeves near bottom hem, and hood. Two faux/wooden toggle buttons down front. Red tassel on hood point.


Red garter stitch knit yarn scarf. Red fringe. White hearts with lines above and below are intarsia-knit on each end. Scarf is approximately 27" long, including fringe. Fringe is 5/8" long.


Over-shoe ice skates. Thin compressed wooden soles on top of brass skates. Brown leather straps and square brass buckles. Brass blades. Heart cutouts in runners.


  • This was frequently shown over the winter skirt with the knit woolen mittens and red boots; this was the only Limited Edition outfit to do so as the others were full-set outfits.
  • In the advertisement, the coat is marketed as Greta Larson making it out of a Hudson Bay point blanket; this has historical record of being done by pioneers, fursmen, and Indigenous people for hundreds of years.