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Kendall is one of the five main characters in the WellieWishers line.

Personality, Description, and Facts

Kendall is an elementary aged black girl with naturally curly black hair (frequently worn in two high ponytail puffs), dark skin, and brown eyes.

Kendall is the innovative and creative designer of the group, who enjoys various styles of design, arts, crafts, and architecture. She also loves making anything out of old junk and things lying around[1]. Her outfit shows a creative side with a tie-front style multicolored striped shirt, a multicolored design skirt with tulle at the edge, and polka-dotted wellies. She also wears a cloth headband in her hair.

Kendall is allergic to nuts.[2]


While Kendall is in all the books, she is the focus of The Rainstorm Brainstorm.

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